Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Red, White, Green Stocking 2

I finished crocheting another stocking using varigated yarn.

Bubble Blanket Part 3

I added a border around the green baby blanket because it came out a little smaller than I'd hoped and there was yarn left over. I used a K hook to make the border because I wanted to make it bigger, however, I think it is obvious from the picture that there is something different about this edging.

Red, White, Green Stocking Part 3

I finally finished crocheting a stocking using varigated yarn.

Red, White, Green Stocking Part 2

I finished crocheting both halves of the varigated stocking.

Red, White, Green Stocking Part 1

I crocheted the first side of the Christmas stocking using varigated red, green and white yarn. As it turned out, the sample that I found from a book used the same colors.

Turkey Part 1

I started crocheting a turkey using a turkey that someone else had made as a sample. Here is the back part of the turkey. The front part includes the head and the beak.

Burgundy Crochet Square 3

This square was also made using Red Heart Soft. I used my favorite "traditional" shell stitch for this one. The pattern is 2 dc, ch 2, 1 sc all in the ch space of the row below.

Burgundy Crochet Square 2

I crocheted a square using Red Heart Soft yarn. I've always wanted to make a blanket using this pattern. It looks a lot better when there are multiple squares because the the diagonal pattern is more obvious.

Burgundy Crochet Square 1

I crocheted a square using a shell pattern. The pattern turns out really pretty, but the shells are not that big, so it takes up a lot of yarn. Additionally, the stitch is very tight.

Rainbow Classic Baby Blanket 2

I finished crocheting another baby blanket using Rainbow Classic yarn.

Red Stocking Part 4

I finished putting together the red Christmas stocking.

Red Stocking Part 3

I put the white edging on the two sides of the red stocking.

Red Stocking Part 2

I finished crocheting both sides of the Christmas stocking.

Red Stocking Part 1

I started crocheting a red Christmas stocking.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bubble Blanket Part 2

I crocheted a baby blanket using Lion Brand Pound of Love yarn. I've always wanted to make the blanket whose pattern could be found on the back of the label. I started making this blanket and then stopped for a while. I later went back and finished the blanket. I think that I started making the blanket using a K hook. Later when I came back to finish the blanket, I used a J hook since that is the hook that it said to use on the label. That is why one side of the blanket is a little more wavy than the rest of the blanket.

Heart Mesh Filet Blanket 2

I finished crocheting another heart mesh filet blanket. I really like this blanket, but it takes so long to make one. I made this one with Baby Soft pink pompadour yarn. This yarn is more expensive than Softee baby and only comes in 4 ounce skeins and costs 3.99. Regular (non varigated) skeins of Softee baby come in 5 ounce skeins for 2.99. This blanket required at least 4 skeins of yarn to make. In addition, I ran out of yarn while making the border, so I used some other pink pompadour yarn that I had left over from a while ago.

Camoflauge Scarf 4

I finished crocheting another camoflauge scarf. I like this one the best of all the camoflauge scarves that I've made because in this one, the colors are in a pattern.

Rainbow Classic Baby Blanket Part 1

I started making a baby blanket from the Rainbow Classic yarn.

Rainbow Classic Baby Blanket

I crocheted a blanket using JoAnn brand Rainbow Classic yarn. The yarn is so thick that I used an M hook to crochet this blanket. The blanket is made using a "traditional" ripple stitch and only took a couple hours to make (a whole morning). Although this is not a short amount of time, that is pretty quick to make a baby blanket. The only thing is that the blanket is approximately 29 x 32 inches.

Rainbow Classic Yarn

This is the Jo Ann brand yarn. There are 11 ounces in each skein, but it costs $8.99 normally. It comes packaged in a plastic bag. The skein in this picture contains pastels. The other skeins have either olive green or shades of purple. The yarn is quite thick. Looking at the side of the skein to see the inside of the skein, it looks like wisps of cotton.

Pink/Purple Diagonal Blanket Part 4

I finally finished crocheting the pink and purple diagonal baby blanket. Without the edging, the sides of the blanket tends to curl in. I had to add 4 rows of single crochet as a border to make it flatter.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bubble Blanket Part 1

I started working on a "bubble" blanket using Lion Brand Pound of Love yarn. I used the pattern found on the back of the label.

Fun Fur 29

I knitted a Rainbow colored Fun Fur scarf. The yarn was on sale at Michaels for only $1.00. This yarn normally sells for $4.99.

Dusk Scarf 3 Part 2

I finished crocheting the scarf from Red Heart yarn. The blue edges on the Dusk yarn changed colors multiple times in the scarf.

Pink/Purple Diagonal Blanket Part 3

The pink/purple diagonal baby blanket is almost finished. All that is left is to do the edging. Also shown in this picture is the amount of yarn left over after finishing the blanket. Almost 3 skeins of yarn were used.

Dusk Scarf 3 Part 1

I crocheted a scarf using Red Heart yarn. Although the color is "Dusk", this scarf did not turn out as well as the other scarves that I have made with the same yarn. The blues around the edges are basically the same. I prefer for the scarf to have the blues in different areas.

Pink/Purple Diagonal Blanket Part 2

I added a few extra rows to the diagonal baby blanket.

Fun Fur 28

I knitted another Fun Fur scarf. The yarn was on sale for $1.00 at Michaels.

Pink/Purple Diagonal Blanket Part 1

I started crocheting a diagonal blanket using Bernat Coordinate Sweet Stripes. This yarn is self striping, and changes colors automatically, like varigated yarn. However, this yarn has longer pieces of yarn that are the same color. In addition, the yarn only contains 2 colors.

The actual baby blanket is made using multiple skeins of yarn. This is how much I was able to crochet with one skien of yarn.

Varigated Red Heart Scarf

I crocheted this Red Heart scarf.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Red Heart Ocean Scarf 2

I made another scarf using Red Heart Super Saver yarn. The color used in this scarf is Ocean.

Fun Fur 27

Here is a red Fun Fur scarf that I knitted.

Soft Teal Scarf

This scarf was crocheted with Red Heart Soft yarn. I used a shell stitch to make this Teal scarf.

Stuff I've Made So Far

Here is a picture of some of the stuff I've made recently.