Saturday, April 21, 2007

Scarp Yarn

I was looking for some Sunflower colored yarn, which is a golden/yellow color. In the process, I found a bunch of scarp yarn. I really want to make a scrap afghan because I have about one ounce of yarn, sometimes more for each color. I found 2 partial skeins of leftover Homespun yarn. I hope to make 2 scarves from these leftovers. I've already completed one scarf and have started making a scarf from the other skein. I didn't really look at the bag of scrap yarn to see what I want to keep and what to give away yet. Hopefully I will get to that soon.

Regency Homespun Scarf

I finished knitting a multicolored Homespun scarf today. The name of the scarf is "Regency". It is a kind of varigated yarn, but long lengths of yarn are each color. It contains black, green, gray and green-black.

Zing Scarf 4

I finished knitting a Blue Zing scarf on the 20th.

Cloudy Blue Scarf 2

I finished knitting a second scarf from the remineder of the Cloudy Blue Homespun yarn on the 18th.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Cloudy Blue Scarf

I finished knitting a blue, Homespun scarf yesterday. Since Homespun is such a chunky yarn, even though I used the biggest knitting needles that I had, size 15 needles, I still felt that the yarn was too thick and that I should have used bigger needles. The yarn is not easy to work with. It is made up of many strands. Because of this, my needles have a tendency to get caught in one strand or another. I only used up half a skein of yarn to make the scarf, so I am now making another scarf with the remainder of the yarn. I think there will be enough to complete another scarf. Although the yarn was not varigated, it is multicolor. White, and various shades of blue from royal blue to light/sky blue are all intertwined in this yarn.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Shaded Dusk Scarf

I just finished crocheting a scarf using Red Heart yarn. It is varigated yarn called "Shaded Dusk". It contains shades of blue. This yarn contains light blue, medium blue, medium/navy blue and navy blue.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Red Heart Camo Yarn

I just finished crocheting a scarf from the Red Heart Camoflauge yarn. It contains brown, black, beige and olive.