Sunday, April 15, 2007

Cloudy Blue Scarf

I finished knitting a blue, Homespun scarf yesterday. Since Homespun is such a chunky yarn, even though I used the biggest knitting needles that I had, size 15 needles, I still felt that the yarn was too thick and that I should have used bigger needles. The yarn is not easy to work with. It is made up of many strands. Because of this, my needles have a tendency to get caught in one strand or another. I only used up half a skein of yarn to make the scarf, so I am now making another scarf with the remainder of the yarn. I think there will be enough to complete another scarf. Although the yarn was not varigated, it is multicolor. White, and various shades of blue from royal blue to light/sky blue are all intertwined in this yarn.

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