Friday, January 5, 2007

Baby Sweater

I finished another baby sweater yesterday. The pattern is so quick and easy to make. It's also really cute. This is the 3rd (I think) time I've made this sweater using the pattern. The first time I made the sweater, I didn't really understand the pattern and as a result I miscounted the number of stitches I was supposed to do. Therefore, the sweater was much WIDER and it was supposed to be. As a result, it's going to have to go to a baby who is quite wide. I don't have a picture of it since I already gave it away.

This baby sweater was made using Baby Soft yarn with a varigated yarn called "Her Jean". "Her Jean" is a mixture of green, pink and blue/purple. Unfortunately, this yarn has a dye lot and the yarn color can vary widely depending on the dye lot. I had a small amount of a "dark" dye lot, half a skein of another dye lot and a full skein of another dye lot. As a result, the sweater is 3 different "shades" of Her Jean. I don't really think it's that noticeable, though.

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