Thursday, January 25, 2007

Matrix Yarn

I tried using Matrix yarn for the first time today. I had high hopes for it since it was on sale for $1 a skein at Michaels. There was a decent looking belt pattern on the label that I was hoping to be able to make. The picture on the lable was rather small so I was unable to actually see the whole belt itself, but from what I could see of the belt, it looked rather decent. I really couldn't resist the fact that the yarn was on sale for $1 even though it is normally 5.99 or 4.99.

I was very disappointed with the yarn. It is extremely hard to work with. It is similar to 2 pieces of thread with some chunks of other color sandwiched between at even intervals. The color that I had bought was pink. I now see why the yarn was on sale. Not only is it difficult to work with, the end result isn't even pretty. Good thing I had only bought two skeins. I can't crochet with this yarn either since the yarn is so thin that I can't see where my stitches are.

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