Saturday, January 20, 2007

Red Heart scarf

I made a scarf on the 12th. Mom asked me to make a scarf for my great aunt's 90th bday party. Of course she didn't tell me till Thursday night (I think. It was definitely last minute). I then had to find some yarn to use. She wanted "dark colors". I found some Red Heart varigated yarn called "Blueberry". It contains blue, purple and white. It is actually quite pretty. After I finished crocheting it, I realized that a diamond pattern in white could be seen on the scarf. I finished the scarf in one day. I didn't use the whole skein of yarn to make it, which I usually try to do. I was just tired and didn't want to keep crocheting anymore. It was long enough anyway, a little shorter than I prefer, but not bad.

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